Innov8AEC, A Community Of Practice

Connecting our people to knowledge and capabilities

About Innov8AEC


We are grateful that you are interested in our community of practice. 
Our goal is to increase innovation in our sector by bringing together motivated and like-minded individuals to work together to address common business difficulties. 
We'll do this by having in-depth discussions on innovation with our members, exchanging knowledge, collaborating with academia and technology providers to find solutions to shared problems, and growing as a team to raise the bar! 

Our Vision

Leverage the power of a community of practice to accelerate industry innovation to meet the needs of society.

The Mission

Bring together AEC industry students and practitioners to learn new skills, collaborate on common industry and business problems, and create new practices that elevate us all.

Our Purpose

To attract and mentor the next generation of industry innovators to prepare them for the future of how we design, engineer, build, and operate.

This is our exclusive members-only community.
Network, learn, ask questions, share knowledge, and partner to innovate. In this collaborative space, individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to exchange insights, experiences, and ideas.
Through meaningful connections, our members have the opportunity to expand their networks and build lasting relationships.

Our community's aim is to:

  • Reframe our mindset
  • Build relationships with those on the same path
  • Share knowledge, stories, experiences and ideas
  • Breakdown industry knowledge silos
  • Engage in research and development
  • Identify and prioritize common challenges
  • Develop new AEC industry practices
  • Connect our people to knowledge and capabilities
  • Define our industry together

Our members access and contribute to:

  • Diverse talent and experiences
  • Learning and development courses
  • Industry organizations and events
  • Research and development projects
  • Problem-focused Interactive workshops 
  • Thought leadership expert-led discussions
  • Professional Services Providers

So join our members-only community today and unlock a world of networking, learning, questioning, knowledge-sharing, and partnering for innovation. Together, we can achieve more than we ever thought possible.